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Technical Recruitment Revenue Adjunct = More Hires For Fixed Budgets

Recruiting Agencies & Technical Recruitment Managers


Our Technical Recruitment Revenue Adjunct (TRRA) is ideal for fixed-cost budgets.



It's unique because our TRRA will produce recurring revenue for your budget or cost savings by optimizing your current tech hiring team's ability.




  • We establish your resume submission bar within 3 days

  • We establish your onsite interviews rhythm within 14 days (proven to evolve every 7 days with your new higher acceptance rate from hiring managers)

  • We establish your time-to-hire rhythm within 22 days (proven to evolve to 14 days with your increased onsite interviews)


Example: Recruiting Agencies - Team of 3 a single extra hire a month, as a result of TRRA adjunct = 3 x 30,000 in billing = $90,000

Example: Technical Recruitment Managers - Increasing productivity turns your recruiting team into a profit center vs. a cost center by reducing hiring costs thus funding other Pillar Projects internally.




John has many outstanding talents in the recruiting arena. He has the "knack" for candidates to follow and really open up about what is important to them. He also has the great ability to get a hiring manager to tell him what they truly are looking for in a candidate. John conducted a lot of team training with junior recruiters and was always willing to share his wealth of knowledge. It was my true pleasure learning from and working with John. - Todd S.- Senior Talent Acquisition Manager | TSP a Syneos Health company


John Polhill is the G.O.A.T of technical recruiting. Seriously, he was made for this industry. I learned SO much from John while we were on an assignment from GoodRx. Not only does he source incredible talent, but he also closes incredible talent.. with EASE! Highly recommend JP for all recruiting needs. He will exceed your expectations and will be the ultimate pleasure to work with. Bella C. Technical Recruiter at RXNT


John is a great recruiter! He knows technology more than most recruiters and he shares his knowledge with the team. He is skilled at sourcing for hard-to-fill positions in non-traditional, creative ways. He builds rapport with clients and candidates easily and he truly cares about his work, always going above and beyond. John is one of the most laid-back, friendly colleagues I have had and it's a joy to work with him. Katheryn G. Senior Technical Recruiting Lead and Career Coach


John is like the IoT of recruiting. He's the go-to guy who is up on the latest trends in technology. John and I have partnered on various hiring engagements and found him to be a genuine team player/mentor who pushed me to recruit a higher bar. I highly recommend John for his talented leadership skills and recruiting expertise. Greg Z. Sr. Talent Advisor at Intel


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